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Vital Signs

Have you purchased expensive vital signs monitoring equipment with the intent of it helping your staff and residents?  Many of our customers have done just that, but unfortunately many have also experienced the down side to owning equipment when it malfunctions and you need the manufacturer to honor the warranty for a repair.  Often times, our customers simply struggle to determine who to call for the repair.


When our customers enroll in our exclusive vital signs bundle program, they make one call when their equipment needs service.  They call VitalMedix where we handle all equipment issues with the speed and service you deserve.  You will receive a loaner unit within 48 hours of your call to us, free to use while your monitor is repaired.  We even pay the freight costs to ship and return your monitor to and from repair.  How awesome is that?


How do you benefit by becoming a member of our vital signs program?


  • Significant productivity improvements for nursing and CNA staff
  • Standard of care is enhanced- consistency through automation
  • Your budget is reduced thereby increasing profits
  • Criticare USA Comfort Cuff Patented Technology reduces injuries
  • Repairs and maintenance are included- no extra service call fees
  • Nurses save valuable clinical time
  • Impress prospective residents with Hospital-grade equipment
  • Raise Employee moral by providing much needed equipment
  • No more lost hand-held pulse oximeters and thermometers