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About Us

VitalMedix was formed in May 2004 to bring new ideas and gold standard customer service to point-of-care healthcare providers. Our seasoned management team has over 30 years combined experience in medical supplies and equipment distribution. We know our way around and we bring creative problem solving expertise to your door. We believe in an open communication forum, from manufacturer to distributor to provider to patient. In this way, people are listened to, valued, and respected, thereby creating an atmosphere where each partner wins.


Our goal is to assist your organization in reaching its full potential through maximizing net profits while also enhancing the standard of care you provide your patients. We strive to accomplish that goal in part through unparalleled customer service, thinking creatively to help you solve issues, and partnering with manufacturers with a track record of integrity.  To further increase value to you, we can create customized medical supply and equipment bundles that significantly enhance your staff’s productivity and efficiency. We will undoubtedly assist your organization in lowering costs and increasing productivity, thereby increasing the bottom line net profits.

Because we love what we do, our enthusiasm for serving you and addressing your needs comes naturally. In all our relationships, with our customers and our vendors, we strive to make a positive difference in their lives. We aim to accomplish this through integrity of actions, respect, listening, cooperation, hard work, and enthusiasm. We welcome challenges because we are a solutions-focused company.

We strive to be the standard of excellence in customer service and customer satisfaction.  As our customer, you will experience follow up calls on orders, regular on-site visits, phone calls on backordered items, and scheduled maintenance performed for your equipment.  Finally, you will sense the smile on our faces as we say, “Thank you for your business.”